Spring Pothole Update

This past winter was pretty tough on Cleveland motorists with what seemed like a never-ending number of potholes around the city. The geographical location of Cleveland makes us particularly vulnerable to the freeze-thaw cycles that occur throughout the winter months. These weather events combined with consistent salting and plowing have a significant impact on the streets. During the winter months, we work to repair roads with a cold-patching technique. But, cold-patch is only a temporary fix and requires consistent maintenance. However…

Division of Streets crews work to repair potholes throughout the City.

Division of Streets crews work to repair potholes throughout the City.

…There is good news! Asphalt plants are now open, which means we can purchase hot asphalt and apply a permanent fix to potholes on asphalt streets throughout the city. The City is deploying nine roller crews and up to two DuraPatch crews in a systematic repair process. Repair crew drivers and supervisors have surveyed our streets, allowing us to prioritize street repair based on condition. The plan will allow us to service all main streets, secondary streets and hazardous potholes.

Weather permitting, we will also begin repairing certain concrete streets that have been problematic this year, including portions of Rocky River Drive, Bessemer Avenue, West 117th Street, Hinckley Parkway and West 41st Street near I-90.

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3 thoughts on “Spring Pothole Update

    • Michelle – W. 130th is definitely on our radar. We have been patching potholes along the length of the street. We will continue to maintain potholes and later this year, we will do some maintenance resurfacing on the street. Have a great day!

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