Update: Detour to Edgewater Park and points north of the West Shoreway explained

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CLEVELAND – From May 29 through June 14, 2013, access to the West Shoreway will be limited to allow for the filming of Marvel Studio’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. While motorists will not be able to travel the length of the West Shoreway from Lake Avenue to E. 9th Street, access to Edgewater Park and points north of the Shoreway will be maintained between W. 49th Street and the westbound Edgewater Park exit during most of the filming period.

The film is the second Marvel/Disney-production to shoot in the city, following in the footsteps of the 2011 production of The Avengers, the largest feature film to ever shoot in Ohio. Like the “The Avengers,” Captain America: The Winter Soldier will employ hundreds of Ohio-based cast and crew, and use local service and supply vendors.

Key points:

  • The West Shoreway eastbound will be closed at Lake Avenue/Clifton Boulevard.
  • The West Shoreway westbound will be closed at E. 9th Street.
  • A traffic zone will be set up in the westbound lanes of the Shoreway, allowing traffic to travel both east and west between W. 49th Street and Edgewater Park.
    • Motorists will enter the Shoreway via the on-ramp at W. 49th Street and travel west to the Edgewater Park exit.
    • Traffic exiting Edgewater Park will head east on the Shoreway and travel to the West 49th Street ramp, exiting with police assistance.
    • During filming, there may be intermittent traffic control at these access points, restricting entrance to the Shoreway.
  • Lakefront businesses, utilities, and points of interest, including the marinas, Wendy Park, Whiskey Island and Edgewater Park will be accessible from the Edgewater Park exit.
  • Motorists are encouraged to allow extra travel time while these temporary road closures are in place.

Please see the map below, showing the limited access to the West Shoreway and points north.

Captain America W Shoreway Detour map 4-18-1

About Daniel Williams

City of Cleveland, Ohio, Director of Media Relations

15 thoughts on “Update: Detour to Edgewater Park and points north of the West Shoreway explained

  1. The thousands of people who work downtown and use the West Shoreway to get to work are going to need your help coping with this. The plan is to try and squeeze 3 lanes of eastbound traffic off of the West Shoreway in between all the parked cars on Detroit Ave? Surely I can’t be the only person who realizes what a huge problem that is going to create.

    Is there any way the city could help facilitate a more efficient flow of traffic along Detroit Avenue by eliminating on-street parking during the shoreway closure? It would really ease the pain quite a bit for those of us who work in, and pay taxes to the City of Cleveland every day.

    • I’ve asked our Traffic Engineering office for more details on how we will handle traffic along Detroit Avenue and will provide an update as soon as possible. Thank you!

  2. Why did you take the press release down from the site?

    Where is the detail on how commuters are to get to and from work who are not able to take RTA

    Did ODOT approve this nonsense? With nearly 35K vehicles traversing this portion of a highway every day, this is poorly planned.

    I hope you realize that Detroit road is already in terrible condition and will only get worse, faster due to this influx of traffic.

    Shame Shame SHAME on you Cleveland.

    • Here is the link to the press release on the the Shoreway update: http://tinyurl.com/WShoreway on the City’s website.

      Yes – ODOT has been a partner in the planning process for the film logistics and has met with the Marvel Studio Team.

      We are working on additional updates regarding alternate routes and how we can ease some of the additional traffic congestion and road conditions.

      • You should have had all of the facets of this decision covered. Instead, the city seems to
        scrambling at how to handle this.

        I realize the economic impact this movie will have on Cleveland but, to make these kinds of decisions without any community input of any sort is highly suspect.

        Also “noway” is correct – the press release is missing. Your link work Maureen, but I came here from a Facebook posting and it’s not there.

        Just another example of poor planning.

  3. I understand your concerns and appreciate your input. We will continue to provide as much information as possible to help ease the impact of the closures.

    Here is the correct link to the City’s main website’s press release page, where you can find the original press release from 4/17 and the 4/18 update as well as releases on other topics: http://www.city.cleveland.oh.us/CityofCleveland/Home?_piref34_56221_34_1727_1727.tabstring=pr

    If you can share which Facebook page had the link you posted, I can have that corrected. My quick search didn’t uncover it. Thank you!

  4. Hi Maureen,

    I was just wondering why the decision was made to maintain access to the parks, marinas and city/port facilities by opening a mid-section route from W. 49th street instead of simply leaving the Shoreway open from Lake to the Edgewater exit, then closing the Shoreway immediately after Edgewater? The West Blvd/Clifton/Shoreway route provides much more direct and easily access to those facilities compared with the twists & turns required to plow your way down to W. 49th street from I-90.

    There are hundreds of boaters who launch from the public boat launch ramps at Edgewater on the weekends, and all these cars/trucks towing large boats will now be forced to navigate much narrower streets while trying to get down to W. 49th from I-90. I normally dock my boat at Edgewater Marina but have switched to Whiskey Island Marina this year due to Edgewater’s closure, and the amount that I’m paying for dockage has literally doubled in price so I don’t want to lose any opportunity I have to use my boat or enjoy the new marina. I’m currently poring over Google Maps and scratching my head over how to even get down to W. 49th, and wondering why a simpler option wasn’t chosen.


    Don Neeper
    Rocky River, OH

    • Don – Filming will take place at the western end of the Shoreway and it would be unsafe for us to leave it open for full access to the Shoreway. It was important for us to ensure that we had access to Edgewater Park, the marinas and all the facilities north of the Shoreway, thus the access point at W. 49th. We do realize that it will be an inconvenience and appreciate your input.

  5. The dead link is on the official city of Cleveland fb page post.

    Sounds like your search is as thorough as your thinly veiled appreciation for input.

    Additionally, you stated that filming is occurring at the western end of the Shoreway, there is NO EXCUSE to shut the Shoreway east of w49th. NONE. You realize it’s nearly 1/8th of a mile from w49th to the marina entrance right? That’s going to be a great navigational nightmare for boat owners. Especially through tight roads of downtown, ohio city, tremont, et al.

    If you appreciate input, the city would not have made these decisions without input from city council, city residents and business occupants.

    You realize it’s not just an “inconvenience”, right? Business who rely on daily deliveries from large trucks are already being told they will not have deliveries due to the outrageous detour. This is a poorly planned decision that requires input from someone higher than yourself, Maureen. My sympathies to you for having to support and field this kind of feedback on such a horrible decision.

    Further, I am extremely curious to understand the FULL economic impact on the citizens of this city.

    • A few more important points…Filming will take place on the Shoreway near the eastern end of the closure as well. My earlier comment regarding the western end of the Shoreway was in response to a specific question.

      I will make sure that your concerns regarding the very short distance between the exit and the marina is forwarded to the traffic consultants.

      The economic impact of filming in the City is definitely important, particularly for long term positioning of the City. In the near future, we will post more information about why the City supports efforts to build a booming film industry in Cleveland.

      I do appreciate your feedback.

  6. Maureen, I travel from the eastside and exit off west 28th street to get to work. What are my options if west 28th street is closed. Thank you.

    • Thanks for your comment,

      There are a few options depending on where you are going. You could get off at the East 9th street exit and take city streets to the Lorain-Carnegie bridge or Detroit-Superior bridge. Another option would be using the Inner-belt Freeway to navigate to the City’s Westside.

      • Hi Maureen,
        From what I just read, you are saying the eastsiders will be able to exit on East 9th Street?

  7. Hi, Maureen: Thank you for taking the time to provide updates and opportunities to listen to feedback. As the upthread commenters have ably demonstrated, *someone* is always going to be displeased about the circumstances. Having experienced firsthand the closures downtown and on the Shoreway, I’m impressed at the level of cooperation between organizations (film company, local media, RTA, police, City Hall). While people have had to wait longer than usual, and commutes have obviously taken longer than usual, it all appears to be working. Looks like the good weather will hold, hopefully the film company can complete its work as scheduled, and everything will be back to normal before you know it.

    I look forward to spotting Cleveland landmarks in what seems to be a pretty action-packed chase sequence.

    Hats off to you and yours!

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