Update – 8 a.m. May 8, 2013 – Missing Women Found Safe in Cleveland

Cleveland Police are continuing their investigation in the case of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.

Law enforcement will secure the scene at 2207 Seymour today for future investigation.

Chief McGrath provides an up to members of the media regarding the three survivors found on Seymour Avenue.

Chief McGrath provides an up to members of the media regarding the missing women found safe in Cleveland. 

Today investigators will discuss actions taken to date, review the evidence and determine next steps.

Charges have not yet been filed. Police have until early this evening to present the case to the City Prosecutor who will then determine what if any charges are warranted. A press conference will be held if and when charges are filed. Stay tuned for more information.



Media reports of multiple calls to the Cleveland Police reporting suspicious activity and the mistreatment of women at 2207 Seymour are false.  Public Safety Director Marty Flask reported on Tuesday, May 7 that a thorough review of police communications records indicated two interactions with 2207 Seymour since 2000. The first in 2000 was a call made by the Suspect, Ariel Castro, regarding a fight outside of his house. The second was a police visit to the house in 2004 in an unrelated investigation. No response was received when officers went to the house and investigators later interviewed Castro at a different location.