Motorcycle & Bicycle Awareness

Today Michael McGrath, Chief of the Cleveland Division of Police, announced that the Cleveland Division of Police wishes to remind the motoring public of the increase of motorcycle and bicycle traffic now that warmer weather is upon us. It is the Division’s goal to heighten the awareness of motorcycles and IMG_0045bicycles on Cleveland area roadways and to reduce the chance of accident or injury.

It is important that motorcycle operators and bicycle riders be aware of their responsibilities to operate safely in traffic and obey traffic laws, especially by operating within posted speed limits and allowing an assured clear distance from vehicles they are following. The Division of Police also recommends the use of high visibility or reflective clothing and strongly encourages the use of approved safety helmets while operating a motorcycle or bicycle.

Operators of cars and trucks should be mindful of the presence of motorcycles and bicycles sharing the roads. Automobile drivers should pay close attention when conducting left and right turns, lane changes or while entering an intersection after stopping. They should ensure that the intended lane of travel is free and clear of motorcycles and bicycles, which are smaller in size and less visible than most motor vehicles.
Drivers of all vehicles should be cognizant that they are required, while in operation of their vehicle, to pay full time attention to the task of driving and refrain from the use of cell phones, IPods and other electronic devices. The City of Cleveland has a law prohibiting texting while driving which also distracts drivers from giving their full attention to the roadway.