05/28/2013 Update – Captain America: The Winter Soldier Street Closures






Superior AveBtw Ontario Ave & E17th St May 29, May 30 Prospect or Lakeside Aves. Access to the Hyatt at the Arcade will be maintained off of Euclid Ave
Superior AveBtw Ontario Ave & E12th St May 28, May 31, June 1 Prospect or Lakeside Aves. Access to the Hyatt at the Arcade will be maintained off of Euclid Ave
E3rd StBtw Superior & Rockwell Aves May 28-June1 Ontario or E 9th
E6th stBtw Vincent & Rockwell Aves May 28-May 31 Intermittent traffic control
E9th StBtw Walnut & Rockwell Aves May 28-June 1 E18th St
E12th StBtw Walnut & Rockwell Aves May 29, May 30 Intermittent traffic control
E13th StBtw Payne & Rockwell Aves May 29, May 30 Intermittent traffic control
West ShorewayBetween Lake Ave & E 9th St May 31 – June 14 Detroit Ave. Edgewater Park and the marinas north of the Shoreway will be accessed via West 49th St.  Detroit Ave btw West Blvd & W25th St will be no parking rush hours to expedite traffic flow.
W3rd StBtw Alfred Lerner Way & Lakeside Ave May 30 – June 14 E. 9th St. Access to Huntington Garage will be maintained off of Lakeside Ave.
W3rd StBtw Lakeside & St Clair Aves June 3 – June 13 Intermittent traffic control
Lakeside Ave.Btw W 6th St & Ontario Ave June 3 – June 13 Intermittent traffic control
Prospect Ave.Btw W6th St & Ontario Ave June 13 Intermittent traffic control Parking garage access will be maintained.
Lorain Ave BridgeBtw Rocky River Dr & Story Rd June 14th Hilliard Blvd Emergency Ambulance Access will be maintained.

Cleveland Traffic Map 5.28

No Parking for West Shoreway Closure City Map Update on 5.28

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City of Cleveland, Ohio, Director of Media Relations

27 thoughts on “05/28/2013 Update – Captain America: The Winter Soldier Street Closures

  1. Sure hope this movie thing is truly making Clevelanders some good money that will actually make a profit for their livelihood…cuz the way people are being rerouted both by car and walking is sure making people late for jobs they need, rearranging schedules for childcare and other things we pay to do. Graduations are happening downtown… Oh, and the police guarding the scene – how much is that costing?
    And one whole side of the city will be essentially totally inconvenienced for making a movie!?

    • Thank you for posting your concerns. We do understand that the temporary alternate routes can be inconvenient. Our goal is to help grow a budding economic sector for Cleveland, and in turn help put local residents to work as cast and crew and create opportunities for local companies to received contracts. This is in addition to the hotel stays, increased restaurant traffic and the like. Any costs incurred by the city during filming (police, public works, clean up, etc.) will be reimbursed by the production company.

      • The amount of money that the City of Cleveland will bring in does not, I repeat, does not outweigh the total nightmare that not only the people that use the Shoreway, but all of the other people who use I-90. The commute this morning was unbelievable. I could have walked faster. It is cost a whole lot of people valuable time, money and aggravation. Not worth it. I would move away if this continues – not move to the area.

        Next time, Mayor Jackson need not make the decision and leave it up to the voters.

      • It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to make a 25 minute commute this morning. There were cars parked ALL along Detroit where there shouldn’t have been. To say I was frustrated is an understatement. Will they be adjusting the traffic lights on Detroit as well?

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  4. Agreed with MEF. This whole thing is ridiculous. Look, go ahead and let them film the movie. But they have no business inconveniencing the tens of thousands of citizens that live and work in downtown everyday. We pay taxes to this city–taxes that go to these roads that these moviemakers are blocking off as their territory like some legalized gang. Like I said, let them film the movie. I’ll leave them alone, and they need to leave me alone and let me do my job too.

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  6. IMPORTANT,,, RTA RED LINE WESTBOUND will be detoured 10pm fri eve till and of sun end of service. shuttle buses provided, in front of casino etc,, just got home from work .heard news from fellow passenger, persons that dont use rta often may be confuse THIS WEEKEND

  7. every crank who complains leans on being a “taxpayer” like a broken crutch. The crew working on the film are also taxpayers, and the out of town crew pays taxes even though they don’t live here. The economic impact is massive and worth all the minor delays, and yes they re MINOR. Take a deep breath and appreciate our town is experiencing a cultural renaissance, or pack it in and move out to the country and sit on your porch in your rocking chair and yell at the squirrels to get off your lawn.

    • Just how massive an economic impact? Do you have specific numbers? One month’s worth? How about the years that many have put into the economic impact of the city and region, yet without the “recognition” of just being a loyal Clevelander? Are you saying that a person needs to have some sort of notoriety to effect a city they love and have long lived in and supported?

    • Brian – Yes! There are barricades and security guards at the filming locations, but you still can see a little bit of the action.

  8. Who was the IDIOT who detoured traffic onto Detroit Ave into ANOTHER DETOUR AT SUPERIOR AND ONTARIO? Then when you head southbound onto Ontario, THEY ARE PAVING THE ROADWAY! Typical Cleveland.

    • You forgot that the Columbus street bridge in the flats also just closed for about a year, not to mention that there is construction on every other road not used for the movie.
      So does the city still think this is acceptable and only a minor delay for anyone wanting to get to work from the west side. Well it only took about 1.5 hours instead of 10 minutes to get downtown. Oh yes and it’s a holiday week and Friday. So Monday it will only take 2 hours tops. Yeah movie and city traffic/construction planning. Great job!

  9. http://www.cleveland.com: “The eastbound lanes will be completely closed from Lake Avenue to East Ninth Street and the westbound lanes will be closed from Lake Avenue to the Edgewater Park exit and from West 49th Street to East Ninth Street.

    Superior Avenue is also closed today from East 12th Street to Ontario as is East 3rd between Superior and Rockwell. Traffic will also be disrupted at times at East 6th between Vincent and Rockell and East 9th between Walnut and Rockwell.”

    I am a huge supporter of the Cleveland Film Commission and the filming of this and other films in Cleveland, but couldn’t we have a bit more coordination with the construction/closures? Almost every alternative way into downtown has construction/detours…E. 9th; Ontario; Columbus Road Bridge; Red Line…really?

  10. Why route Detroit traffic across the bridge to Superior only to find Superior closed? Wouldn’t ir make more sense to keep the Shoreway open during rush hours and have the filming take a few extra days? Why make it impossible to get to work on time? You lost my vote, Mayor Jackson…you, too, Matt Zone. Start thinking about what you’re making us suffer through…I don’t want to hear about the “greater good”…get cops out there at every intersection to keep traffic moving. You’ve done the bare minimum to make this work.

  11. It would be extremely useful if you could provide an interactive map that had the road closings as they happen. Such as google maps. I’m sure they or another site like mapquest would work with you to update the maps.

    The pictures provided leave a lot to be desired.

  12. Closing the Shoreway for two weeks is going to go down in history on the list of famously BAD ideas. Detroit looked like a parking lot this morning. This is not acceptable.

  13. On top of the inconvenience of the main roads being closed and the alternates often having existing construction, I am finding that the alternates themselves aren’t always open.

    East 18th was the alleged alternate to get North-South due to the closure of East 9th. Yet twice in the last 2 weeks I have gone up East 18th and found police stopping traffic for apparent movie-related reasons. The second time, after sitting for 15 minutes, I pulled a U-turn and had to go all the way out to East 30th. The officers need to be instructed that the alternate routes need to be kept open, no matter what the movie crews are requesting. The delays this year are far worse than last year and this type of widespread closure should not be repeated.

  14. Took me an hour and ten minutes to go seven miles on Friday evening. Totally disgusting and unacceptable. Whatever nincompoop is in charge of this mess should lose his or her job.

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  16. I’m sure that if it were for a film or television show that all of you people were interested in, you wouldn’t be complaining quite as much. It’s only few a short while. It’s not the end of the world. Everyone is in it with you, so stop playing the victim, suck it up like adults, and bite the bullet until it’s over rather than pointing fingers, making rude comments, and saying that people should lose their jobs just because you’re not interested in what is happening.

  17. Scheduling this filming with construction on just about every other major road is nothing short of inconsiderate and short-sighted. Cleveland has made tremendous strides in attracting residents back downtown. Now, between construction at all hours of the day and night (yes, jack hammering into East 9th street at 2:30am has happened more than once, with at least five residential buildings in the direct vicinity and Cleveland Police refusing to enforce city noise ordinances because it’s the City’s pet project), movie filming, bridge closures, county office demolition, and the typical summer construction, the City threatens to destroy everything it has worked so hard to build. There is a reason that Captain America had to be filmed in Cleveland: no other city in its right mind would put its residents and workers through such hell. I know this past month has made me reconsider whether I want to settle down and purchase a permanent home in Cleveland, and I am sure I am not alone.

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