It’s Summer Time: Be Safe and Have Fun

The official start to the summer season begins this Friday. Check out some of our important information to keep you safe, happy, and cool this summer season!!

Mayor Jackson at the opening of Lonnie Burton pool for the 2013 summer.

Mayor Jackson at the opening of Lonnie Burton pool for the 2013 summer.

Summer is the liveliest time of year in Cleveland.  The warm weather brings many people to the beautiful beaches, entertainment venues, and festivals in the unique neighborhoods.  From swimming pools to bike safety and “See Something, Say Something,” Cleveland is working to keep you safe.

The following information is provided to ensure all Clevelanders have a safe and fun summer.

School is out for summer!  Pay special attention to children playing near the streets and biking in the neighborhoods.

The City of Cleveland Recreations centers have many summer activities and events planned. Did you know that school aged children can get a free lunch at many of the city’s playgrounds and recreation centers?

Be Active In Neighborhood Safety

Be vigilant in your neighborhoods.  Summer is a great time to step up and assist our safety forces by starting or joining a block club, reporting crimes or unsafe behavior and paying attention to our surroundings.  If we all do our part we can have a great safe summer. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious and make sure you report it to the police.  In case of emergency dial 9-1-1.  The non-emergency number for Police is 216-621-1234.

Another way to report information is iWatch NEO. Recently, the Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center (NEORFC) launched and an accompanying mobile application with the goal of providing free and anonymous methods to proactively report suspicious behavior or activities directly to law enforcement. The service is NOT a replacement for 911 but makes reporting tips and leads convenient for the public

iWatch NEO Program – more info on Public Safety Blog

  • App and website ( provide free, anonymous, convenient ways to report suspicious activity, tips and leads (NOT a replacement for 911).

Gun Safety –

The 2013 City of Cleveland Gun Buy-Back was held on Saturday, June 15, 2013, at Public Safety Central located at 2001 Payne Avenue.

Michael McGrath, Chief of the Cleveland Division of Police is proud to announce that the 2013 City of Cleveland Gun Buy-Back event was a huge success. Citizens lined up on foot and in cars yesterday to exchange firearms for incentives including their choice of a $100 Dave’s Supermarket, Target or Shell gift card in addition to tickets to an upcoming Cleveland Cavaliers and Monsters game and an entry into a raffle for a chance to win up to $1,000. In all, 352 firearms (311 handguns and 41 long guns) were surrendered to police.

REMEMBER – What goes up, will come down – Read this blog post on gun safety from CLE Safety.

 Talk to your children about gun safety. Make sure they know that guns are not toys and what to do if they find a gun. There are many gun safety programs for children including Project ChildSafe from the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program.

To All Drivers, Cyclists, Walkers, Boaters and Movers and Shakers – no matter which mode of transportation you use – please be safe!

Cleveland is quickly becoming a bicycle friendly community.   Cyclists should follow all safety rules and drivers should be aware of those biking around town.

Texting and Driving is against the Law.  Nothing in your lap is as interesting as your life.  Texting while driving is the most dangerous of all distractions behind the wheel. Studies have shown texting while driving to be an extremely dangerous distraction for drivers due to the extended time (an average of 4.6 seconds) spent not looking at the road.

Wear a seat belt – Click it or Ticket!

Stay Cool! Keep Hydrated and Remember to Dress for the Weather: 

Make sure to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water!

Wear loose fitting, light colored clothes during the warm weather.

Cover your head with a hat and use sunscreen to protect you from the sun’s rays.

Keep cool in the shade.  If you don’t have air-conditioning, visit cool areas like a library or recreation center on the super-hot days.

Always check on your friends and neighbors, especially those who are seniors or have young children.

Learn the signs of Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke and what to do to assist someone suffering from either of these conditions.

Follow these basic guidelines for a super fun and safe summer. Enjoy!