Illegal Dumping in Our Neighborhoods

The City of Cleveland and the Division of Police have drawn a line in the sand in the battle to rid the City of blight caused by criminals illegally dumping refuse and debris on vacant lands and along our roadways,” – Mayor Frank G. Jackson.

Debris is regularly dumped within the City of Cleveland on vacant lots, abandoned homes, roadsides and alleys. Illegal dumping threatens the health, of our City and its residents, expends resources for cleanup and disposal that could be used elsewhere, and overall affects the quality of life of those that live, work and play in Cleveland.

On July 18, 2013 a concerned citizen forwarded the video on this post to the City of Cleveland. Because of their concern and quick thinking, the perpetrator has been cited for illegal dumping.

If you see someone illegally dumping debris do the following:

  • Get a detailed description of the car license plate number, make and color;
  • Provide a detailed description of the dumpers; race, height, build;
  • Record the date, time, and location of the incident; and
  • Call 664-DUMP (3867) with the information

A reward, in  an amount equal to one-half (1/2) of the fine which is actually imposed by a court and collected by the City, is available to any person who provides the City with information leading to the identification and conviction of any person for illegal dumping.

Residential Dumping Program

The City has a residential dumping program which allows residents to dispose up to 4 cubic yards of garage, yard and household debris or appliances at no cost 4 times annually, Mondays to Saturdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Ridge Road Transfer Station located at 3727 Ridge Road.

Proof of residency is required in the form of photo ID and current vehicle registration. Trailers must be less than 4×8 feet. The fee for additional dumps (5 and more per year- payable by credit card only) is $46.61 per ton for solid waste and $49.29/ton for bulk waste.  Tire disposal fee varies.

Prohibited debris includes: brick, dirt, concrete, cinder blocks, auto parts, drums, barrels, hazardous materials, liquid waste, and material violating EPA regulations.

Prohibited vehicles are: large trailers, cargo vans, stake body vehicles, dump trucks, commercial vehicles or those with truck plates, those which are enclosed or have ladder racks, pick-up trucks with built-up side boards, and trucks with additional trailers attempting to dump as one load.

Call 216.664.3162 or 664.4509 for more information.

About Daniel Williams

City of Cleveland, Ohio, Director of Media Relations

14 thoughts on “Illegal Dumping in Our Neighborhoods

  1. Well almost 1 year since this post was made. I had at least 3-5 cited and they went to court, but seem to of wasted my time trying to bust these guys when no money for the arrest and conviction was shared as this post claimed it would.
    But anyway here is a new dumper, but didn’t get his license number to collect on a non paying promise as this post suggested.
    Maybe someone will know him and try to collect on his fine.
    He dumped along the abandoned factory on Maywood ave near W.91 street
    [video src="" /]

    • Ron – I’m checking on the status of the cases again to see if there have been convictions. I’ll be in touch soon.

      • I hope so, with clear license plate numbers and faces on video that should be proof enough that these dumpers did what was clearly caught on video.
        If they are not, then the judges surely are not doing their jobs and have no regard to how the city looks. It takes a lot of time to go over video and money for equipment in cameras and such to catch these people who dump and trash up the city, and if the judges can’t do their job I will be 1 less person in the city to care like so many others do, and remove my cameras that have been pointed that way because of the issues the past 3 years and focus on my own property. It isn’t worth the high property taxes the city charges if everything around you is trashed up almost on a monthly basis. It is kind of like catch the dumper city gets $$$ plus rip you off on property taxes collecting the all mighty dollar for my house when in reality should be lower taxes and reduced house value because of the trashy stuff around it. It’s a win win for the city.

      • Maureen it is just over a month since I posted, any news on convictions yet? Or is there a place I should call or just sit tight? I know the Captain Kevin Schwarz wrote me July 16th that the prosecutor needed to see the videos again, so maybe they tried that now or will soon be. Think there was like 3-4 total I had cited. Ron

      • Almost 3 months went by, you still checking or forget to look into it. I know 2 were busted and vehicles towed and probably 2 more ticketed, and im sure they went through court by now. Let me know, sure would like to find out if they were fined, which I am sure they were. Thanks, Ron

  2. Still catching them Last one April 19 2015 no fine reward yet. Barry Withers said since one of these was a felony that the reward fine don’t pertain that it is a reward for only Misdemeanor convictions
    I must of missed that in the article above which it don’t say. But the link in prior messages will show you the latest video

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