Patrol Officer Discipline – November 29th Pursuit

Cleveland Division of Police

Patrol Officer Discipline – November 29th Pursuit

Immediately after the November 29th pursuit the Critical Incident Administrative Review Committee was formed to conduct an administrative review of the pursuit. The committee reviewed records, interviewed police supervisors, patrol officers and other police personnel and drove the pursuit route to determine if the pursuit followed the Division’s policy and procedures. Upon completion of the committee’s investigation the results were forwarded to the Chief of Police for review and in the spirit of transparency the findings were made public in a Power Point presentation and press conference held by the Division of Police. This administrative review was focused solely on those involved in the pursuit, and not those involved in the use of deadly force.

The evidence as presented by the committee in the case of the supervisors indicated that there were twelve police supervisors (1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant and 10 Sergeants) involved…

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