SC2019 Presents the 5th Annual Sustainability Summit: The Year of Advanced and Renewable Energy

Together, We’re Building a Thriving Green City on a Blue Lake

As part of the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 initiative, Mayor Frank G. Jackson hosts annual summits, bringing together a diverse group of people vested in and dedicated to Cleveland to use their vast knowledge and imagination to create an action plan for building a green economy for Cleveland’s future.  By engaging and working together, we can design and develop a thriving and resilient Cleveland that leverages its wealth of assets to build economic, social, and environmental well-being for all. Together, we can build a green city on a blue lake and you are invited to be a part of this transformation.

The 5th Annual Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit will be October 3-4 at Cleveland Public Auditorium in Downtown Cleveland.  The focus of this year’s Summit will be the “Year of Advanced and Renewable Energy” and implementing Cleveland’s Climate Action Plan.  As we approach the halfway milestone of this ten-year initiative, we are charged with taking stock of our accomplishments and outcomes, gauging our progress, honoring the work of many, and charting the course for the next five years.  Sustainable Cleveland is a community of people from every walk of life working together to reshape Cleveland into a vibrant livable city with thriving businesses and a flourishing natural environment.


“I suggest you join us for Summit 2013, you’ll have the opportunity to celebrate Cleveland’s journey toward sustainability and to help design our future. What is expected of you is a commitment of your time to fully participate in the 2 days of the Summit and then to enact change at home, at work or in your neighborhood as an individual, part of an organization, or through a working group.” – Chief of Sustainability, Jenita McGowan

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