10/08/2013: Portable Camera Unit Location Change

The PCUs at the locations below are operational:


•       2400 Block of Orange Ave (was previously 4050 Superior Avenue)

•       2416 E. 55th Street

•       2300 St. Clair Avenue

•       3219 Detroit Avenue

•       1400 Block of Edgewater Drive

•       112th Block of Lorain Eastbound (was previously  4123 Pearl Road)

The City of Cleveland deploys portable camera units (PCUs) as an extension of Operation Safe Streets, an automated photo enforcement program designed to reduce speeding on city streets and increase safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. PCUs issue automated citations for speeding and will be deployed around the city, particularly on residential streets and in school zones.

About Daniel Williams

City of Cleveland, Ohio, Director of Media Relations

2 thoughts on “10/08/2013: Portable Camera Unit Location Change

  1. it will be nice once the Ohio House passes the legislation making this illegal. Of course it is illegal and unconstitutional but the city refuses to accept this fact.

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