25th Annual Big City Boo

On Thursday, October 31st, the City of Cleveland will be hosting its 25th annual “Big City Boo” event. “Big City Boo” is held at all City of Cleveland recreation centers and provides a safe environment for children 12 and under to participate in trick-or-treating and other activities. Children and parents can come to any City recreation center to receive candy, play games, and most of all stay safe. This year’s Big City Boo will serve on average over 7,000 children throughout the City of Cleveland.  Every recreation center will have an event on October 31st, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.  Please contact your local recreation center for specific details.

Big City Boo 2013

Big City Boo 2013

The following are some tips for youths (and some adults) as they prepare to trick-or-treat in their respective neighborhoods:

Be Smart…Be Safe!

 NEVER play in deserted buildings or isolated areas.  Avoid shortcuts through empty parks, fields, or alleys.

NEVER hitchhike or get into anyone’s car without your parent’s permission.

NEVER go into another person’s home without letting your parents know where you are.

NEVER take gifts or food from strangers or anyone without your parent’s permission.

MOVE away from a car that pulls up beside you if you do not know the driver.  Run in the opposite direction the car is driving.  Remember, GET AWAY…RIGHT AWAY!

ALWAYS walk against the flow of traffic.  Stay alert while walking, and look and listen to what’s happening around you.

NEVER keep secrets from your parents, and tell them if someone asks you to keep a secret.

TELL someone in authority (like a teacher or a police officer) if someone bothers or threatens you.

SCREAM and kick if someone grabs you and tries to take you forcefully.  Yell… “Help, this is not my Mom/Dad.”

TELL your parents where you are at all times; leave a written or recorded message at home.

GO quickly to the nearest occupied public place (mall, store, recreation center, gas station, fire station etc.) and scream for help if someone is following you.