Bike Lanes painted on Detroit Ave

Over the weekend, crews from the Division on Streets painted bike lanes on Detroit Ave from West 25th to West 45th street. The remainder of Detroit Ave from West 45th to Lake Ave is scheduled to be painted and completed this week along with corresponding symbols and transverse lines.


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City of Cleveland, Ohio, Director of Media Relations

2 thoughts on “Bike Lanes painted on Detroit Ave

  1. I support the bike lanes but traveling (westbound) on Detroit I have seen two close-calls from confusion stemming from the incomplete project. To me, it looks like the right lane is strictly for parking only and the left lane is the thru lane, with the bike lane between them.

    But here’s what happens: cars are in the far right lane and when the painted lines abruptly end (at W 45th) the driver becomes confused and veers into the left lane (almost colliding with the vehicles in the left lane) – and if there had been a biker in the biking lane they would’ve been killed or seriously injured by the car in the right lane.

    Perhaps clear signage should be installed before lines are painted because what I described above has happened twice. I hope this project is wrapped up quickly because I’m sure an accident will occur if there isn’t more clarity on the new lane patterns.

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