Cleveland City Council votes to approve the City’s contributions to renovations at FirstEnergy Stadium

November 25, 2013

Regarding City Council’s affirmative vote to approve the City’s contributions to renovations at FirstEnergy Stadium

Statement from Mayor Frank G. Jackson: “I’d like to thank Cleveland City Council for voting to approve the City’s contributions to the renovations of one of the City’s most valuable assets – FirstEnergy Stadium. I’d also like to thank Jimmy Haslam and the Cleveland Browns for the significant investment they will make in our stadium.  This type of private investment in our City is essential to our continued success.”

Statement from Browns owner Jimmy Haslam: “We respect the process we went through with City Council and Mayor Jackson and appreciate their support for this project. We look forward to moving ahead with the renovation of FirstEnergy Stadium. We know it will positively impact our fans’ experience and our community will be proud to showcase the transformed home of the Browns for the rest of the country.”

Cleveland City Hall


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Maureen Harper – City of Cleveland – (216) 664-4011