Cleveland Department of Public Health (CDPH) Promotes Spreading Joy and Not Germs During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us. During this time of year many families travel, and gather together to celebrate the holidays. In addition to spreading holiday joy, some people may be spreading germs. Here are some tips to help prevent the spread of flu and other illnesses this holiday season:

Prevention Tips

1. Wash your hands!
2. Get your flu vaccination (The best way to prevent getting the flu).
3. Stay home if you feel sick.
4. Cover your coughs and sneezes by using a tissue. If you do not have a tissue, cough or sneeze in your upper sleeve or elbow, not your hands.
5. Do not handle or prepare food for others if you are sick.
6. Wash clothes soiled by vomit and/or diarrhea.
7. Use bleach to clean solid surfaces (1/3 cup of bleach for every gallon of water).
8. Drink lots of water.
9. Get plenty of rest.

When to your wash hands

1. Before, during, and after preparing food.
2. Before eating food.
3. Before and after caring for someone who is sick.
4. After using the toilet.
5. After changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has used the toilet.
6. After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
7. After touching an animal or animal waste.
How to wash your hands properly
1. Wash your hands using soap and warm water for at least twenty (20) seconds.
2. After washing your hands, use a paper towel to turn off the faucet and to open the bathroom door.
3. Use hand sanitizer when water is not available.

For more information, contact CDPH at (216) 664-4621 or (216) 664-3747. You can also visit our website at

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