12/18/2013 PCU (Portable Camera Unit) Locations

The following will be active locations for the City’s Portable Camera Units (PCUs) beginning Wednesday, December 18, 2013. Legislation passed in May  increased the number of fixed camera sites from 24 to 49 and increased portable sites from 6 to 15. Due to the holidays, the deployment period for these locations will be extended and be active from December 18, 2013 to January  5th, 2014.


  • 4067 W. 150th St.
  • Rocky River and Maplewood Avenue
  • 11400 Block of Edgewater Drive
  • 2300 Clark Avenue
  • State Road and Germaine
  • St. Clair Avenue and E. 124th
  • 16107 Waterloo Rd
  • 4210 Payne Ave
  • 4050 Block of Superior Ave
  • 2416 E. 55th St.
  • 4312 Lee Road
  • 6600 Fleet Avenue


About Daniel Williams

City of Cleveland, Ohio, Director of Media Relations

14 thoughts on “12/18/2013 PCU (Portable Camera Unit) Locations

  1. You need to put one on 71st between Harvard and Grant. I always see people fly down this road and not to mention the semi trucks that try to get from Harvard to Grant and once the get to the train bridge they realize they won’t fit (even though there are signs posted on Harvard and Grant about the height of the bridge) then once they realize they cannot fit under the bridge the always blocking people’s driveways!!!

  2. The semi truck drivers also like to block driveways and sleep through the night or just stop and take a nap, or they attempt to turn around in peoples driveways!!! This has to stop!!!

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  4. You left off the illegally placed unconstitutional camera on West 25th street near Detroit ave. The previous anonymous poster should have a camera put in his/her house since they love giving away personal freedom so much!

  5. And this money is for what? For fixed street or what? This city Cleveland and East Cleveland have horrible street holes, and mostly all cars have problems with them fronts and back suspension it’s horrible!!! What the city doing with taxes money and this camera ticket money?why this street need to staying so poor and dangerous!!! Its dangerous city street for citizens and cars and four kids playing in the street in this holes you broke your feet or ancle I leave in East Cleveland and my car is with a lot of sounds and I need to fox a all suspension thanks all holes…

  6. if there are 15 mobile speed cams where are the other 3? as mentioned above there is one on W25th, so where are the other two? why is this an incomplete list? where are we supposed to go to get accurate information about the locations of the mobile speed cameras?

    • The legislation allows for up to 15 portable camera units and we generally have 12 deployed at a time. The other three are generally reserved to replace PCUs that may need maintenance, etc.

  7. some how a photo was misread, ticket sent to my Columbus address as license number FOX… and can be clearly seen on official website as FDX… any suggestions how to correct this problem

  8. why does the city leave the signs up when they move a the illegal and unconstitutional portable camera to a new location? IE. Detroit at West 32nd street.

    Someday the Ohio house / Senate will put an end to the is tyranny.

    • The signs for the portable units are placed when an intersection or street is first selected for Operation Safe Streets. The portable unit may return to that intersection or street at a later date; therefore, the signs continue to be posted.

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