Cleveland Fire and EMS Save Three During Two Separate Incidents on Same Day

“Must be willing to charge into fires and make quick decisions amidst chaos and panic.” Seeing that listed on a job description would make many of us think twice about applying for that particular job. However, that is what the men and women of the Cleveland Division of Fire and Division of EMS confront on a daily basis.

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It is with professionalism and dedication that our firefighters and EMS workers strive to serve the residents of the City of Cleveland. Recently, Cleveland’s own Ladder 31 responded to two separate incidents, on the same day, that illustrates our emergency workers’ commitment and dedication to our residents.

On December 18 at 2:10 pm, the Division of Fire Ladder 31 and Engine 31 responded to a house with a heavy fire on the front porch on Rudyard Road. Upon arrival, firefighters noticed a man in distress in the second floor bathroom. The victim was promptly rescued and transported to University Hospitals by an EMS ambulance along with a firefighter who subsequently sustained injuries.

Later that day at 5:25 pm, Ladder 31 again responded to a structural fire on E. 139th street. Crews entered the building and discovered an adult invalid female lying in the main entrance on the first floor and an adult male who was blind on the side stairway entrance. Both victims were immediately rescued and transported to University Hospitals by an EMS ambulance.

All of the victims are expected to make a full recovery.

On behalf of Mayor Jackson and the City of Cleveland, we would like to commend Ladder 31, the Cleveland Division Fire, and the Cleveland Division of EMS for the heroism they displayed during these incidents and on a daily basis. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the safety and overall well-being of the residents of the City of Cleveland.