What Goes Up Must Come Down: Celebratory Gunfire & Fireworks Are Illegal #NYE

Cleveland Division of Police


Celebratory gunfire and fireworks are not just illegal, they’re dangerous.

The consequences and risks of celebratory gunfire and fireworks can be significant and serious. All too often innocent people are injured or killed.

What goes up will most assuredly come down. When a firearm is discharged, the bullet will travel a path until it strikes someone or something. Not only can someone get hurt, it is illegal to discharge a firearm in the city of Cleveland (Codified Ordinance 627.20).

Leave fireworks to professionals in areas designated and cleared for fireworks displays. They’re not only illegal to possess and discharge without a permit but they can also be extremely dangerous and easily ignite a fire that can quickly get out of control.

Our safety forces will be on duty throughout the neighborhoods of the city of Cleveland on New Year’s Eve. Our police, fire and emergency medical service personnel will be…

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About Daniel Williams

City of Cleveland, Ohio, Director of Media Relations

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