City of Cleveland Will Pick Up Discarded Live Christmas Trees

City of Cleveland residents can dispose of live Christmas trees and wreathes by placing them on tree lawns on regularly scheduled waste collection days.  The Cleveland Department of Public Works will collect discarded trees and wreathes from Monday, December 30, 2013 through Friday, January 31, 2014.


Only live trees and wreathes free of lights, tinsel, wires, bows and all other ornaments will be collected from tree lawns.  Residents can dispose of artificial wreathes and trees by breaking them down and placing in garbage cans for collection on regular trash collection days.

The City of Cleveland then partners with a contractor who turns the tress into mulch. In the spring, the City provides one yard of mulch to Cleveland residents free while supplies last.

For further information regarding waste collection, please call the City of Cleveland’s Division of Waste Collection at (216) 664-3711.

About Daniel Williams

City of Cleveland, Ohio, Director of Media Relations

12 thoughts on “City of Cleveland Will Pick Up Discarded Live Christmas Trees

  1. Did you know Robby Spangler that the city does do leaf pick up … a very limited pick up in the “nice neighborhoods” like by the Mayors house. City hall can spin this is all they want but I have seen it with my own eyes and its a #fact.

      • Hey Now Robby, Nope still not nice enough. I am on the far western edge of Ohio City, almost Detroit Shoreway. welcome to town. It is a great city despite some silly shortcomings in city services.

  2. Respectfully Maureen I have been asking about this for 15 years, and have heard nothing but this same response.

    Do they pick up the leaves on your street?

      • Then you feel our pain and anguish. I had well over 50 bags from three properties I own in Clvd that went to the landfill this fall. That is no exaggeration. And all 50 + bags are from trees the city owns on the tree lawn and I am not allowed to cut down.

        I realize its not the biggest pressing issue in town but it is an issue. Its a waste of landfill space in a city that claims to want to be as “green” as possible.

        We have found a way to monetize and make a profit from out recycling program, perhaps we can find a way to at least break even on the cost of leaf pick up.

        Regardless its a much needed city service that goes unfulfilled.

  3. The trees in my neighborhood were not picked up this week. Trash was collected but all the tress were left. Any idea what this may have occurred? All trees are free if decorations, no reason they should have been left. This is disappointing.

    • Amanda – With the extreme cold last week and the one-day delay it brought, we focused our efforts on picking up the regular trash. We are now adjusting our tree collection operations so that all trees will be picked up by the end of the month. Trees will be picked up on regular scheduled trash collection days. Please note that separate crews pick up trees on trash collection days so that the trees can be recycled and not mixed in with the regular garbage. Thanks for reaching out to us.

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