Cleveland Department of Public Utilities reports impact of deep freeze

CLEVELAND – Severe weather is a challenge for utilities crews.  Bitterly cold temperatures can lead to frozen pipes in the home and when temperatures rise, an increase in water main breaks.  High winds can damage power lines.

Cleveland’s Department of Public Utilities is continuing to monitor its systems and infrastructure and dispatch crews as necessary. The department has reported the following:

  • Water Pollution Control: No major issues to report.
  • CPP: No major outages at this time. CPP Customers without power should call 216.664.3156 to report their outage.
  • Cleveland Water: We have not seen an increase in water main breaks as of yet; but, with rising temperatures later this week, the freeze-thaw cycle will likely lead to additional water main breaks.  CWD is scheduling crews and contractors to respond as needed.

Cleveland Water also reports that some homeowners are experiencing frozen pipes. Most frozen lines occur on private property and are the responsibility of the homeowner. If freezing temperatures do cause a frozen water line on your property, take these two essential steps:

  • Find the master shut-off valve. Most likely it’s where the water line comes into the basement or crawl space from the street. If a pipe bursts anywhere in the house, this valve can turn off the water.
  • Contact a plumber or a private contractor to thaw your lines.

If you choose to thaw them yourself, here are some tips to help:

  • Apply heat in the general area by increasing the room temperature where the pipes are exposed (basement, crawlspace, recreation room).
  • Place a portable heater in the room(s).
  • Use a heating blanket/pad – available at most hardware or plumbing stores.
  • Do not stand in water while using electric appliances.

Read all of Cleveland Water’s cold weather tips and be prepared for the winter weather that’s yet to come.