City of Cleveland’s Winter Weather Plan – February 5, 2014 at 5:30 PM

As the snow slowly starts to cease, 48 snow plows and 9 graders continue to work on the City’s main streets. Given a chance for light snow and anticipated low temperatures tonight, motorists are encouraged to limit travel as much as possible for personal safety and to allow plows greater access to the roads. Single digit temperatures overnight can lead to icy conditions on plowed and snow-packed roadways. Please take the proper safety and health precautions when traveling outside.


The Division of Streets will continue to service main and secondary streets throughout the evening and move into residential zones at midnight. Once the Division begins servicing the residential zones, a priority will be placed on streets surrounding schools.

Key points of the snow plan include:

  • 40 traffic controllers and police officers are assisting with traffic during this evening’s rush hour.
  • The parking ban on snow emergency streets is still in effect.  Cars will be ticketed and towed.
  • The City of Cleveland is requesting voluntary compliance from residents who park on streets that are not included in the ban. Parking off street whenever possible helps ensure that plows can service the entire width of the street – curb-to-curb.
  • The City currently has 5,400 tons of salt on-hand and expects a delivery of 1,400 tons of salt tomorrow.
  • Bridges and hills will all be salted as needed.