Division of Streets Pothole Repair Update 2/28/2014

Repairs in Progress

  • West 130th (Between Brookpark Road and Bellaire Road).
  • St. Clair (East 13th Street to East 55th Street).
  • Martin Luther King Jr Drive (Fairhill Road to Shaker Boulevard).
  • Tarkington Avenue (Lee Road to East 178th Street).

Repair Completions

  • Pearl Road  (Willowdale Avenue to Brookpark Road).
  • Euclid Avenue (East 40th Street to East 30th Street).
  • East 147th Street (Ross Avenue to Harvard Avenue).
  • Ivanhoe Road (St. Clair to Euclid Avenue).

Note: Due to the temperatures, Division of Streets repair crews used cold patching and focused on priority potholes. The cold patch method is primarily used to make critical repairs when it is not warm enough to use hot asphalt. Cold patch, which is made from an aggregate of asphaltic material, is pliable in cold, dry weather.