2014 State of the City

“The work we have done over the last eight years has positioned Cleveland for a strong and successful future.  We’ve strengthened our financial position, even through the global recession. We’ve become more efficient in delivering service to every neighborhood. We’re building a sustainable economy and driving our investment dollars into the local economy. We’re transforming education for all Cleveland students. And we will continue this work – until it is engrained in every action we take and every dollar we invest.”  – Mayor Frank G. Jackson 

Each year, as Mayor Frank G. Jackson discusses the state of the City of Cleveland, he talks about the city’s financial condition; economic development and investment strategy, basic city services and quality of life issues, such as safety and public health. And, he focuses on education and the need to increase opportunities for Clevelanders to participate in our economic prosperity.  This year, he continues to focus on the necessity of institutionalizing the successful policies and strategies that he has put in place so that Cleveland will have a strong future and so that all Clevelanders have an outstanding quality of life and standard of living.

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This year, in lieu of a traditional State of the City speech, Mayor Jackson participated in a public conversation with local journalist Russ Mitchell (WKYC).  This was an unscripted, live interview in front of an audience of approximately 1,000 people, followed by a question and answer session with the audience. The following information is provided as background regarding recent accomplishments by the Jackson Administration and information regarding city programs, policies and initiatives.  The following information does not represent a formal speech, nor the exact topics discussed during the State of the City event.

Read the 2014 State of the City Topics and Updates for detailed information about city services, policies and initiatives.