Division of Streets Pothole Repair Update 03/07/2014

Note: 8 crews utilized hot asphalt repairs and 2 crews utilized cold patch repairs today, March 6, 2014

Repairs in Progress:

  • Broadview Road (Spring Road to Brookpark Road)
  • Prospect Avenue (East 9th Street to Superior Avenue)
  • Eddy Road (St. Clair Avenue to Paxton Road)
  • East 116th Street (Buckeye Road to Kinsman Road)

Repair Completions:

  • North Marginal Drive (West 98th Street to Western Avenue)
  • Western Avenue (West 98th Street to West 100th Street)
  • Miles Avenue (East 141st Street Lee Road)
  • East 116th / Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (Miles Avenue to Farringdon Avenue)
  • Erieside Avenue (East 9th Street to West 3rd Street)
  • Parkwood Drive (St. Clair Street to Superior Avenue)