Division of Streets Pothole Repair Update 03/20/2014

Below is a list of pothole repair completions and repairs currently in progress for March 20, 2014. Eleven hot asphalt repair crews and two Dura patch repair crews were on duty.

Repairs In Progress:

  • Community College Avenue (East 40th Street to East 22nd Street)
  • East 79th Street (Euclid Avenue to Broadway Avenue)
  • East Boulevard (East 105th to Ashbury Avenue)
  • East Boulevard (Shakespeare Parkway to East 99th Street)
  • Harvard Avenue (East 55th Street to Broadway Avenue)
  • Union Avenue (Kinsman Road to East 93rd Street)
  • West Boulevard (Lorain Avenue to Jasper Avenue)
  • Lorain-Carnegie Bridge
  • Intersection of East 17th Street & Superior Avenue
  • 13200 Kinsman

Repair Completions:

  • Superior Avenue (East 9th Street to West 9th Street)
  • West 6th Street (Superior Avenue to St. Clair Street)
  • St. Clair Street (West 9th Street to West 6th Street)
  • West 33nd Street (Broadview Road to MetroHealth Hospital)
  • Scranton Road (3196 Scranton Road to south end of road)
  • Walford Avenue (West Boulevard to West 98th Street)

Pothole Killer:

Unit 1 – Clark Avenue

Unit 2 – Martin Luther King Jr. Drive