Division of Streets Pothole Repair Update (03/27/2014)

Below is a list of pothole completions and repairs currently in progress for March 27, 2014. Eleven hot asphalt repair crews and two Dura patch repair crews were on duty.

Repairs In Progress:

  • Kingsbury Boulevard (Martin Luther King Jr Drive to Kinsman Road)
  • Clifton Boulevard  (Lake Avenue to West 117 Street)
  • Fulton Road (Franklin Boulevard to Clark Avenue)
  • Portions of West 117th Street (concrete repairs)
  • Portions of Rocky  River Drive (concrete repairs)

Repair Completions:

  • Martin Luther King Jr Drive (Woodland Avenue to Harvard Avenue)
  • East 55th Street  (Broadway Avenue to Woodland Avenue)
  • East 55th Street (Woodland Avenue to I-90 ramp)
  • Ansel Road (Wade Park Avenue to St. Clair Avenue)
  • East 118th Street(Ashberry  Avenue to Wade Park Avenue)
  • Wade Park Avenue (East 63rd Street to East 118th Street)
  • Harvard Avenue (Lee Road to City limits)
  • Lorain Avenue (West 117th Street to West 85th Street)
  • West 117th Street (Berea Road to I-90 ramp southbound lanes)
  • Broadview Road (Pearl Road to Brookpark Road)
  • Train Avenue (Scranton Road to West 30th Street)

Pothole Killer: 

  • Completed: Martin Luther King Jr Drive (Woodland Avenue to Harvard Avenue)
  • In progress: Munn Road (Rocky River Drive to Warren Road)
  • In progress: East 147th Street  (Glendale Avenue to Miles Avenue)

About Daniel Williams

City of Cleveland, Ohio, Director of Media Relations

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