Cleveland Indians Home Opener Traffic Information

Friday, April 4 will be a busy day in downtown Cleveland as the Cleveland  Indians once again take the field. The City of Cleveland expects heavy traffic, more pedestrians  and more visitors for the Home Opener against the Minnesota Twins. As always, the City  encourages the use of public transportation and car pooling to ease traffic congestion and  recommends that people allow for extra travel time.

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Key points:

  • Parking at Gateway East Garage: The special event rate will be in effect and as such, monthly and daily customers will not have regular access. Monthly parking customers will  be able to show their monthly pass at the East Entrance of the Lakefront Municipal  Parking Lot (1500 S. Marginal) to access all day parking free of charge. RTA provides bus  service from the west end of Muni Lot to Public Square.
  • Parking will be restricted on the south-side of Prospect Avenue from Ontario Street to  E.23rd Street; on the south-side of Huron from Ontario Street to Prospect Avenue; on  either side of E 9th Street from Chester Avenue to Ontario Street; and on Erie Ct. and  Sumner Ct. for bus parking. Signs will be posted indicating these restrictions.
  • The City of Cleveland Traffic Bureau will have traffic controllers in place at key  intersections to help improve traffic flow.
  • RTA is increasing rail service to accommodate additional passengers for the Home Opener.

More information can be found by visiting:


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One thought on “Cleveland Indians Home Opener Traffic Information

  1. I attend over 20 Indians games and five playhouse sq. productions a year. I’ve been to opening day four times in the last five years and each time I come into town from the south/west and get caught in snails-pace traffic going north on Ontario eventually turning onto Huron Rd to get to the stadium’s parking garage. This year I was in Lakewood and I thought I could avoid some of the traffic if I came in on Detroit and went over the bridge and took W. Huron Rd and just crossed Ontario to get to the garage. The whole plan worked perfectly until I tried to cross Ontario when a scowling policewoman directed me down Ontario. I made a turn-around and then joined the traffic up Ontario and did what I always did, to find that when I got to Ontario and Huron–THEY WERE ALLOWING TRAFFIC TO CROSS ONTARIO JUST LIKE I WANTED TO DO NOT FIVE MINUTES EARLIER. What’s going on?

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