Division of Streets Pothole Repair Update (04/07/2014)

Below is a list of pothole completions and repairs currently in progress for April 7, 2014. Twelve hot asphalt repair crews and one Dura patch repair crews were on duty.

Repairs In Progress:

  • St. Clair Avenue  (East 56th Street to East 49th Street)
  • Fleet Avenue (Broadway Avenue to I -77)
  • St. Clair Avenue (London Road to East Boulevard)
  • Ivanhoe Road  (St. Clair Avenue to Euclid Avenue)
  • Woodhill Road (Crestwood Avenue to Quincy Avenue northbound lanes)
  • Bradley Road  (Jennings Road to City Limits)
  • Pearl Road (I-71 to Brookpark Road)
  • Kingsbury Boulevard (Martin Luther King Jr Drive to Kinsman Road)
  • Rocky River Drive (Fischer Road to Brookpark Road southbound lanes)
  • Industrial Parkway (West 150th Street  to West 160th Street)

Repair Completions:

  • Addison Road (Bonna Avenue to St. Clair Avenue)
  • East 21st Street (Superior Avenue to Cedar Avenue)
  • Woodland Avenue (Martin Luther King Jr Drive to Buckeye Avenue)
  • East 93rd Street (Woodland Avenue to Buckeye Avenue)
  • West 150th Street (Puritas Avenue to Brookpark Road)
  • East 131st Street (Harvard Avenue to Garfield Avenue)
  • East 131st Street (Miles Avenue to City Limits)
  • 6905 Bayliss Avenue
  • Intersection of East 83rd Street & Euclid Avenue
  • 1667 East 85th Street

Pothole Killer: 

  • Oak Park Avenue (State Road and Broadview Road)
  • East 65th Street (Union Avenue and Broadway Avenue)
  • Invermere Avenue
  • Glendale Avenue
  • Lee Road to East 154th Street