Last firefighter in shift trade case pleads guilty

A pre-disciplinary hearing will be scheduled for firefighter Calvin Robinson who plead guilty today to a misdemeanor charge stemming from a grand jury indictment last year prompted by the City’s internal investigation and audits of shift trades, payroll, timekeeping and record keeping in the Division of Fire.

As a result of those audits, the City hired former federal prosecutor Ronald Bakeman to assist the Cleveland Division of Police Internal Affairs Unit in determining if there was any criminality involved in the shift trade practices of individual firefighters. The resulting report was given to the County Prosecutor’s Office for review in August 2012.

With the audit findings and at the direction of Mayor Frank G. Jackson, numerous changes have been made within the Division of Fire, including the implementation of a revised shift trade policy in 2012, enhanced supervisory training and the use of technology to ensure more accurate payroll record keeping. In addition, as part of the on-going integration of the Divisions of Fire and EMS, timekeeping and payroll functions for the two divisions have been consolidated under the oversight of a civilian manager who reports directly to an Assistant Director of Public Safety.

Per city policy, Robinson was placed on unpaid administrative leave on May 22, 2013 pending adjudication of the felony and misdemeanor charges filed against him on May 17, 2013.  He will remain on unpaid administrative leave until his disciplinary hearing. He was one of 13 firefighters charged in the case. The other 12 firefighters each plead guilty to a misdemeanor in February of this year.

Last firefighter in shift trade case pleads guilty