Division of Streets Pothole Repair Update (04/16/2014)

Below is a list of pothole completions and repairs currently in progress for April 16, 2014. Eleven hot asphalt repair crews and two Dura patch repair crews were on duty.

Repair Completions:

  • East 36th Street (St. Clair Avenue to Cedar Avenue)
  • East 17th Street (Lakeside Avenue Euclid Avenue)
  • Central Avenue (East 40th Street to East 22nd Street)
  • Kingsbury Boulevard at East 102nd Street
  • Kingsbury Boulevard at Easton Avenue southbound lanes
  • Dolloff Road to Mound Avenue southbound lanes
  • Bessemer Avenue (East 87th Street to East 55th Street)
  • 3732 Broadway Avenue
  • Independence Road (East 49th Street to East 46th Street northbound lanes)
  • East 115th Street (Euclid Avenue to Bellflower Road)
  • Coit Road (Kirby Avenue to St. Clair Street)
  • Martin Luther King Jr Drive (I-90 to Bratenal Road)
  • Eddy Road  from St. Clair Avenue to 475 Eddy Road northbound lanes
  • Milverton Road (East 140th Street to City Limits)
  • Miles Avenue eastbound from East 131st Street to Lee Road
  • Miles Avenue westbound from Lee Road to West 147th Street
  • Denison Avenue (Fulton Road to Harvard Bridge)
  • 15720 Norway Avenue
  • Lake Avenue (West 117th Street to Detroit Avenue)
  • Jasper Avenue (Bellaire Road to Oliver Road)
  • Adeline Road  (Jasper Avenue to West 107th Street)
  • Oliver Road to 10914 to Bosworth Road
  • Orchard Park Avenue (Triskett Road to Warren Road)
  • West 150th Street (Lorain Avenue to Puritas Avenue)

Repairs In Progress:

  • Highland Cemetery
  • West 153rd Street (Edgecliff Avenue to Fernway Avenue)
  • West 130th Street (Bellaire Road to Brookpark Road)
  • West 44th Street (Storer to Bush Avenue)
  • West 36th Street to West 39th Street
  • East 55th Street (Harvard Avenue to Dolloff Road)
  • 5501 Cass Avenue
  • Select areas on Rocky River Drive
  • East 13th Street (Superior Avenue to St. Clair Avenue)

Pothole Killer:

  • East 161 (Harvard Avenue to Invermere Avenue)
  • West 58th Street (Storer Avenue to Denison Avenue)
  • Williams Avenue (East 116 Street to East 127th Street)
  • East 127th Street (Williams Avenue to Buckeye Road)
  • East 126th Street (Williams Avenue to Buckeye Road)
  • Throcley Avenue (East 155th Street to Lee Road)
  • West 62nd Street (Storer Avenue to Denison Avenue)