Division of Streets Pothole Repair Update (04/21/2014)

Below is a list of pothole repair completions and those repairs currently in progress for April 21, 2014. One Dura patch repair crew and nine hot asphalt repair crews were on duty.


Repair Completions:

  • East 40th Street  (Community College Avenue to Lakeside Avenue)
  • Superior Avenue (West 9th Street to West 3rd Street)
  • Canal Road (Carter Road to East 9th Street)
  • Fleet Avenue (East 55th Street to East 49th Street)
  • Nottingham Road (Cochran Avenue railroad tracks)
  • Hayden Avenue (St Clair Avenue to Woodworth Avenue)
  • East 156th Street & Lake Shore Boulevard
  • Lee Road (Invermere Avenue to McCracken Road)
  • Turney Road (Warner Road to city limits)
  • Grand Division Avenue (Westbound lanes Turney Road to Warner Road)
  • Bush Avenue (Fulton Road to West 46th Street)
  • West 130th Street (Bellaire Road to Brookpark Road)
  • Enterprise Avenue (West 139th Street to north of 4433 West 130th Street)
  • Briar Road (Enterprise Avenue to West 139th Street)
  • West 139th Street (Briar Road to Enterprise Avenue)
  • Lorain Avenue to Wesley Ave southbound lanes
  • West 99th Street and Lorain Avenue
  • 13209 Liberty Avenue

Repairs In Progress:

  • Canal Road (West 3rd to Carter Road)
  • Enterprise Avenue (West 139th Street to West 130th Street)
  • Select areas of Rocky River Drive
  • Select areas of East 13th Street

Pothole Killer: Not Active on 04/21/2014