Division of Streets Pothole Repair Update (04/23/2014)

Below is a list of pothole repair completions and those repairs currently in progress for April 23, 2014. One Dura patch repair crew and ten hot asphalt repair crews were on duty.


The City of Cleveland contracted with Patch Management, Inc on March 10, 2014 for the use of three “Pothole Killers” on City streets.

Repair Completions:

  • Erieside Avenue  (East 9th Street to West 3rd Street)
  • South Marginal Road (East 39th Street to East 27th Street)
  • Prospect Avenue (Ontatio Street to Carnegie Avenue)
  • Canal Road (Carter Road to West 3rd Street)
  • East 64th Street (Park Avenue to Lansing Avenue)
  • Intersection of Kingsbury Boulevard & Easton Avenue
  • Lansing Avenue (East 57th Street to East 65th Street eastbound lanes)
  • Fleet Avenue (East 55th Street to Broadway Avenue)
  • Fleet Avenue (Broadway Avenue to East 59th Street)
  • Shaw Avenue (East 125th Street to City Limits)
  • 12017 Lenacrave Avenue to East 116th Street
  • Enterprise Avenue (West 130th Street to end)
  • Detroit Avenue (Lake Avenue to West 65th Street)
  • West 67th Street (Detroit Avenue to Father Caruso Drive)
  • Father Caruso Drive (West 67th Street to West 65th Street)
  • East 65th Street (Father Caruso Drive to Detroit
  • West 115th Street (Lake Avenue to Edgewater Drive)
  • Enterprise Avenue (West 130th Street to Briar Road)
  • West 130th Street (Bellaire Road to Lorain Avenue northbound lanes)
  • Edgewater Drive (West 117th Street to 10433 Edgewater Drive)
  • Bosworth Road (Lorain Avenue to 3435 Bosworth Road)
  • West 157th Street to Lorain Avenue
  • 4493 South Hills Drive

Repairs In Progress:

  • South Marginal Road (East 38th Street to RTA Rapid Station)
  • Portions of Rocky River Drive
  • Portions of East 13th Street

Pothole Killer:

  • Delrey Avenue (East 155th Street to Lee Road)
  • West 56th Street (Storer Avenue to Denison Avenue)
  • Select areas between Superior Avenue and Wade Park
  • Select areas between Ansel road and Addison Road)