Environmental Crimes Task Force Executes Search Warrant for Illegal Dumping, Rescues 2 Horses

From the Cleveland Division of Police: 

Today, members of the Environmental Crimes Task Force executed a search warrant on a business located at 6401 Kinsman Road. Inside of the 10+ acre lot was stolen property, at least one stolen car, boats, vehicles and piles of debris. Piles of tires could be seen throughout the fenced in area. Near the back of the lot was a small fenced in area containing two malnourished horses. Two bull mastiff dogs were taken from the property as well.

The business is suspected of running the lot as an illegal dumping site. It will take months and lots of man power to clean up the illegally dumped items. Illegal dumping is a major issue within our community and through the task force, we are making a strong effort to stop the criminal activity that destroys the beauty of our neighborhoods and damages the environment.

The two dogs confiscated were taken to the Cleveland Kennels, adoption possibilities have not yet been determined. The horses were taken to the Cleveland Police Mounted Unit where they will receive veterinary care. The Division of Police will work with rescue organizations to ensure that the horses continue to receive care. To make a donation toward the care of the horses, go to http://www.clevelandpolicefoundation.org/

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