Fairfax Intergenerational Housing Project Ribbon Cutting

On Friday, May 2, the City of Cleveland department of  Community Development held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Fairfax Intergenerational Housing Project located on a site bounded by East 79th Street, Central Avenue, East 83rd Street and Golden Avenue. The Fairfax Intergenerational Housing Project  is the first project in Ohio and one of the few in the United States that has been developed to specifically address the affordable housing needs of  low income seniors, ages 55 or older, that have legal custody of their grandchildren.

The design of the development is the result of a 2008 international competition that incorporates this specific type of family grouping in the Midwest. The development consists of 8 residential buildings and a community center with individual unit sizes ranging in size from 2 to 4 bedrooms. The total project cost was $12.8 million with the City of Cleveland providing $4.2 million from the HOME and Neighborhood Strategy Program (NSP) funds The total project cost was $12.8 million.

The project concept was originally developed by Fairfax Renaissance Development Corp., which then partnered with CMHA to complete the financing and construction. CMHA will manage the property and provide rental subsidies to the low income residents.

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