Phase II Work: Triskett/Warren Road Reconstruction Project

On Monday, June 9, 2014 weather permitting, construction operations will commence for the following phase and locations:  Triskett Road from east of the bridge over the GCRTA Rail Tracks at approximately West 140th  Street to West 117th Street. Two-way traffic will be maintained on Triskett Road from the bridge  over the GCRTA Rail Tracks to Berea Road using the west bound lanes.

traffic-conesTraffic will be limited to one-way EASTBOUND ONLY traffic on Triskett from Berea Road to  West 117th Street. Triskett Road westbound traffic from Berea Road to West 117th Street will be  detoured along West 117th Street south bound to Lorain west bound to Berea Road north bound.  Construction will be taking place on the south side of Triskett Road in this phase of the project.  The anticipated completion date is August 2014. Construction will then shift to the north side of  Triskett between the same limits and be completed in November 2014.

The work on Warren  Road between Lorain Avenue and Munn Road is to continue until July 2014.  The Berea  Road/Triskett Road intersection will not be impacted during this construction phase.  This project includes rehabilitation work on Warren Road from Lorain Avenue to Munn Road  and on Triskett Road from Lorain Avenue to West 117th Street.

The improvements include  pavement rehabilitation, curb, sidewalk and driveway repairs, ADA compliant ramps,  replacement of existing catch basins, additional catch basins if necessary and upgrade of the  traffic signal system.

Expect additional traffic notices as work progresses. This Project is scheduled for completion in  December 2015.