The West Side Market Remains Dedicated to Health and Safety

The West Side Market remains dedicated to exceptional quality of all food and produce offered to our customers. The Market strives to ensure that all food and produce purchased is of a high quality and safe for consumption. An example of our dedication to quality and safety occurred last night during recent severe weather.


Overnight, the Ohio City area experienced a moderate amount of severe weather resulting in branches being displaced and the temporary loss of power in many places including the West Side Market. As a result of the intermittent power failure, the quality of some products in cold-food storage may have been jeopardized.

Immediately this morning our health and safety inspectors arrived at the Market to inspect all vendor coolers and main floor stands for any potential health hazards. Any product that may have been exposed to temperatures of 40 degrees or higher was ordered to be discarded and replaced.  Health and safety inspectors will conduct another food inspection this afternoon prior to the Market opening for business on Friday.

This is just one of the many examples that emphasize our commitment to health and safety at the West Side Market. Health and Safety inspectors will continue to regularly inspect all products offered at the Market and provide additional inspections as needed during an irregular event, such as what transpired last night.