PCU (Portable Camera Unit) Locations 07/1/2014 – 07/22/2014

The following will be active locations for the City’s Portable Camera Units (PCUs) beginning Tuesday, July 1, 2014. Legislation passed in May, 2013  increased the number of fixed camera sites from 24 to 49 and increased portable sites from 6 to 15. These locations will be active from July 1 to July 22, 2014.


  • 612 Spring Road
  • 6517 Denison Avenue
  • 2940 Martin Luther King Drive
  • 13712 Kinsman Avenue
  • 4100 Block of Superior Avenue
  • 11400 Block of Edgewater Drive
  • 7800 Block of St. Clair Avenue
  • 6800 Block of Franklin Avenue
  • 4300 Block of Payne Avenue
  • 5300 Block of Lorain Avenue
  • 17300 Euclid Avenue
  • 8500 Block of Hough Avenue
  • 7000 Block of Bessermer Avenue
  • 4100 Block of West 150th Street
  • 4900 Block of Rocky River Drive

About Daniel Williams

City of Cleveland, Ohio, Director of Media Relations

12 thoughts on “PCU (Portable Camera Unit) Locations 07/1/2014 – 07/22/2014

  1. Are cleveland police not pulling anyone over for traffic violations? Is that what these cameras are for? Because at least twice a week I watch cars blatantly disregard traffic laws in front of the cops and nothing is done. Maybe Cleveland police can go back to killing unarmed civilians. They sure as heck don’t do much more. What are our tax dollars paying them to do?

    • Today! I seen State hwy. patrol officers do traffic detail on a residential/business street! This is the first time since I Lived on the street that troopers are doing what the city apparently cannot do! Their own job!

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  3. I am probably! That understands the need for (extra) revenue for the city! But! At the sametime! This can also be looked upon as “BIG BROTHER” watching us as well. Clearly! No one at city hall does not know the difference between revenue! And monitoring it’s people it is supposed to serve & protect! WHERE DOES IT END?????


  5. our politicians have failed the people everyway possible—they want to make money off the people with these cams–so they can build a bigger more powerful police force to kill the people –people are tired of being raped by the wealthy and powerful and politicians know it–the people have had enough–

  6. media in our cities and country–have willfully failed to well inform the people–willfully failed to hold politicians accountable–media has willfully suppressed so much information from the people—it is time the people deal with a media that has willfully failed us far too long

  7. our media in our country has become a government run media brainwashing the people to think a certain way–serving the politicians and the extreme wealthy and powerful raping the people——it is time for the people to stand up and make changes in our governments–it is time to take our country back from the wealthy and powerful-they have raped and killed with their actions far too long

  8. we have a justice system that is broke and corrupt–every prosecutor and judge in our country serve and protect the wealthy and powerful from prison for their crimes-while putting the poor in prison for far less crimes-media suppress this information for the wealthy and powerful

  9. our politicians are charging more taxes on the people under user fees and other names-not calling it taxes–while giving the wealthy and powerful more and more tax breaks–media suppress this information–media suppress all kinds of information from the people–media is willfully failing to well inform the people–media is failing to inform the people as to what politicians are doing serving the wealthy and powerful raping and killing the people with their actions

  10. the extreme wealthy and powerful are raping and killing the people at record levels–the people are loosing ground everyday–men and women cant afford to house and feed their families–forget the price of medical care–men women and children are dying everyday because they cannot afford to see a doctor or have gone too late—how bad does it have too get before the people have had enough of politicians serving the wealthy and powerful raping and killing the people—the wealthy and powerful have never made so much money in history–in history—record profits all over the world–record profits for the extreme wealthy and powerful—while the people have lost ground everyday—–it is time to deal with politicians and media that has failed the people everyway possible–get politicians out of office–shut down media–BANKRUPT THEM—we will rebuild a media that well informs and holds everyone accountable—wake up and stand up all together and all at the same time—before it is too late—let politicians and big corporations and media know the people have had enough raping

  11. politicians have raped the people far to long serving the wealthy and powerful that have raped our tax dollars and the people–far too long—far too long—get these politicians out of office——hold politicians accountable—hold all men women in media accountable–if they do not well inform the people as to what politicians are doing

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