2014 Sustainability Summit: Year of Zero Waste

On Wednesday, September 17th and Thursday, September 18th, Mayor Jackson welcomed 500 local business leaders, government officials, non-profit leaders, students, educators and residents to his sixth annual Sustainability Summit: Sustainable Cleveland 2019. Sustainable Cleveland 2019 was founded in 2009 by Mayor Jackson to build a thriving “green city on a blue lake”. The initiative creates a framework for Clevelanders from all walks of life to work together to build a robust and resilient region by focusing attention on annual key areas fundamental to a suitable economy– 2014 is the Year of Zero Waste.

As part of the initiative, Mayor Jackson hosts annual summits, bringing together a diverse group of people vested in and dedicated to Cleveland to use their vast knowledge and imagination to create an action plan for building a green economy for Cleveland’s future.  Every year leading up to 2019, Cleveland focuses on one of the key areas fundamental to a sustainable economy, this year’s focus topic was “Zero Waste.” The Sustainable Cleveland focus topics are designed to be accessible to all members of the community — households, neighborhoods, businesses, and institutions can all participate, either in collaboration or independently.

During this year’s summit, the City was pleased to welcome three dynamic keynote presenters: Annie Leonard, an international expert on sustainability, consumer products and environmental health; John Cleveland, Executive Director of the Boston Green Ribbon Commission (GRC); and Colonel  Mark “Puck” Mykleby, co-author of A National Strategic Narrative, a concept and vision that  presents sustainability as the “grand strategy for a new America.”

Watch a video that premiered during this year’s summit on how Sustainable Cleveland is working to transform waste into wealth.


For more information on the  Sustainability Summit and keynote speakers, visit http://www.sustainablecleveland.org/

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About Dan Williams

Director of Media Relations for Mayor Frank G. Jackson, City of Cleveland

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