Special Adoption Event at City Kennel

The Division of Animal Care & Control will host a special adoption event on Wednesday, November 26; Friday, November 28; and Saturday, November 29 making adoptable dogs available for the reduced fee of just $30.


The event marks the launch of the “City Dogs Project”, a new program designed to showcase the great dogs at the city kennel available for adoption. City Dogs may be any breed, but most are pit bulls or pit bull mixes. According to Chief Animal Control Officer Ed Jamison, the goal of the City Dogs project is to give potential adopters an opportunity to get to know the dogs as individuals.

“As a group, pit bull dogs are no different from other dogs,” Chief Jamison says. “Some are outgoing, some are shy, some are comedians, others are deep thinkers. It’s our goal to get them all home for the holidays.  Whether you’re looking for a couch potato or a running buddy, one of our great dogs is sure to capture your heart.”

All City Dogs have been vaccinated and have passed their ASPCA SAFER Aggression Assessment . All will be licensed and spayed or neutered, at no additional cost, before going home. Additionally, every City Dog has been nurtured by loving Cleveland Animal Care and Control staff and volunteers and has earned their seal of approval.

Information on our wonderful dogs can be found in the freshly painted lobby at 2690 West 7th Street, just off I 490 adjacent to Steelyard Commons.  The city kennel is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. For more information, call 216.664.3476.