City of Cleveland and OneCommunity Lay Groundwork for First Commercially Available 100 Gigabit Fiber Network

The City of Cleveland and OneCommunity are installing the nation’s first commercially available metropolitan 100 gigabit network. The 100 gigabit network will connect in downtown Cleveland, through Cleveland’s Health-Tech Corridor (HTC) to University Circle. The innovative $1.02 million project will be made possible through a recently-awarded, $700,000 Economic Development Administration Grant combined with supplemental funding from the City of Cleveland and OneCommunity setting a new “Gold Standard” for connectivity.


“EDA is pleased to invest in the strong regional collaboration being led by the City of Cleveland and OneCommunity to establish a network that will connect the Health-Tech Corridor,” said U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development Jay Williams. “This public/private partnership will drive innovation and job creation for the City and regional businesses to support entrepreneurs and advance the region’s reputation as a destination for innovation.”

“Health technology is an important, prominent and promising industry within the City of Cleveland,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “With the announcement of this 100 gigabit network, Cleveland is established as a center for innovation, while providing our area businesses with a competitive advantage that will allow more job opportunities to be created for residents.”

Sue Workman, Case Western Reserve University Vice President IT Services/CIO adds, “This exciting federal grant illustrates the achievements possible when Cleveland organizations come together to serve the best interests of our community. The new technology will increase Internet connectivity on our campus by a factor of 50, and provide comparable gains in speed elsewhere along its deployment. We are proud to be part of this broad partnership, and look forward to the benefits the 100-gigabit connection will bring to students, faculty and staff at Case Western Reserve.”

Companies reliant on the transmission of Big Data recognize the importance of having the fastest broadband availability. By lighting up its 100 gigabit network, Cleveland and OneCommunity are enabling a first mover advantage in response to the insatiable demand for speed and availability posed by Big Data companies, data centers and wireless carriers.

Today, Big Data consumption demands the movement of more information at a significantly faster pace. This is especially true for companies involved with healthcare, technology and research.

According to ideastream President and CEO Jerry Wareham, “The Idea Center will be a node on this new network which will allow for the transmission of data and rich media including video and audio such as the award winning health information and education content developed by ideastream. The network will also provide the potential for advanced R&D and front-line opportunities.”

“Access to this 100 gigabit network unlocks the door to increased innovations in research and technology. It gives us an unparalleled edge in research and technology as well as the ability to share information from others who recognize the significance and importance of Big Data,” explains John Foley, CIO of University Hospitals.

Construction of the 100 gigabit network will commence in early 2015, designed to connect from Idea Center, numerous buildings and land parcels throughout the Health-Tech Corridor, to Case Western Reserve University and the University Circle area, to help drive economic development in the area. Targeted completion is slated for early summer.

“We are extremely enthusiastic about our partnership with the City of Cleveland and excited to be at the forefront of a project that is destined to become the new “Gold Standard” for broadband connectivity. Consistent with our mission, we embrace 100 gigabit as a job creation engine for the City. Offering the first 100 gigabit capability, specifically in the Health-Tech Corridor, incentivizes local and national fast-growing companies to locate and remain here,” says OneCommunity CEO Lev Gonick.

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