City of Cleveland’s Winter Weather Plan – January 7, 2015 at 10:30 AM

The Department of Public Works reports that City of Cleveland roads are currently in fair condition. As more snowfall is expected throughout the day, the city will continue to deploy snow removal crews to service the city’s main and secondary-main thoroughfares. Snow removal focuses on main and secondary-main streets before transitioning into the residential streets.


This morning, the city deployed 40 snow removal crews and will now transition to 26 crews throughout the day and evening. The city will then increase its deployment to 40 crews to service streets throughout the night. The Department may change this deployment plan as needed to accommodate snowfall.

The Department reports that it is servicing all streets with both salt and liquid de-icer.

Current stockpiles for the Department are 17,000 tons of salt and 25,000 gallons liquid de-icer.

Cold temperatures can affect plumbing systems and cause frozen pipes for many businesses and residences. The Department of Public Utilities offers the following tips to help avoid damage, expensive repairs, frustration, and possibly a temporary loss of service to the property.

  • Before arrival of freezing temperatures, disconnect and drain outdoor hoses to allow water to drain from the pipe and faucet; insulate pipes or faucets in unheated areas such as garages and crawl spaces; seal off access doors, air vents and cracks and repair broken basement windows.
  • If freezing temperatures have already set in, leave a pencil-lead-thin stream of water flowing and try to get heat into the room if it can be done safely to help prevent faucets or water service lines from freezing.
  • Identify the master shut-off valve and mark it. If a pipe bursts anywhere in your home, this valve can turn off the water and help limit further damage and costly repairs.
  • If cold temperatures do cause a frozen water line, water should be turned off at the master shut-off valve to limit damage. The best course of action is to contact a plumber or a private contractor to thaw the lines and make repairs.

The City of Cleveland encourages residents to:

  • Please park off-street whenever possible. This allows plows to have curb-to-curb access and clear streets of snow more effectively.
  • Stay off the streets as much as possible for personal safety and to allow snow plows greater access to the roadways.
  • If you must travel, use caution and remember not to “block the box” at intersections.
  • Plan ahead for all commutes and allow extra travel time.
  • Pay attention to local news for weather advisories and visit and com for additional information from the City of Cleveland.