Max Hayes High School Establishes Apprenticeship Program

On Tuesday, March 10, 2015, the City of Cleveland, Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD), union representatives and the private sector came together to sign a historic public-private construction collaboration agreement that will dramatically increase the diversity in Greater Cleveland construction projects and establish an apprenticeship program for students at Cleveland Metropolitan School District Max Hayes High School.

web IMG_1035Mayor Frank G. Jackson and District CEO Eric Gordon joined employer and union representatives and diversity advocates for a signing ceremony Tuesday at the offices of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, a metropolitan area chamber of commerce.

The plan expands upon an existing “community benefits agreement,” negotiated two years ago to increase the numbers of local and minority workers employed on construction projects in the City of Cleveland. The Cleveland Metropolitan School District, which is set to embark on a half-billion dollars’ worth of construction and remodeling, has adopted the agreement.

Mayor Jackson’s initiative to utilize community benefits agreements on construction projects has resulted in economic benefits for Cleveland businesses, workers, and residents.

This new MoU agreement provides students from Cleveland’s Max Hayes High School’s skilled trade the opportunity to be trained and guided into apprenticeships on projects in Cleveland. In addition, the agreement will allow unions to provide class instructors and guide students into apprenticeship programs to help them land a job.

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The Max Hayes program will open this fall, which will coincide with the opening of a new Max Hayes High School at West 65th Street and Clark Avenue in Cleveland.