City of Cleveland Asks Residents for “One Simple Act”

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A brand-new education campaign is hitting the streets, thanks to the City of Cleveland and their partnership with The Recycling Partnership, a national nonprofit organization. The campaign, called “One Simple Act,” demonstrates that recycling is one simple act that can unite all Cleveland residents and yield impressive results city-wide.

The City has been hard at work making recycling more convenient for residents. The roll-out of new blue recycling carts for residents is near completion, and now the City wants to encourage and remind everyone to recycle all they can with this new campaign.

“As part of this campaign effort, we have set a goal to double recycling city-wide, from 13 to 26 percent over the next 12 months,” said Jenita McGowan, chief of sustainability. “We need every Cleveland resident to help get us there. This is our community, and we all have a stake in doing what is right for not only our environment, but also our economy and our future.”

Along with the rollout of new recycling carts, the City recently passed a new simplified set of guidelines for recycling at the curb, which includes placing recyclables loose in the recycling cart, not in plastic bags. This new process is easier on residents and the recycling facility; truly one simple act.

“With the roll out of this campaign, and a simple approach to recycling material loose in the large recycling carts, Cleveland has great potential to increase recycling rates,” said Keefe Harrison, Recycling Partnership Executive Director. “We look forward to seeing how this campaign helps foster a culture of recycling in Cleveland.”

The “One Simple Act” campaign is the result of a partnership between the City of Cleveland’s Department of Public Works, Division of Waste Collection, as well as the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, and The Recycling Partnership, a national non-profit organization designed to increase participation in curbside recycling programs. The Recycling Partnership works directly with community partners to improve their curbside recycling programs.

Cleveland residents will encounter the campaign in a variety of ways, including through print advertisements, recycling truck signage and mailers, at community events and online via social media and a new, dedicated campaign web presence:

“As a community, Cleveland has brought a dedicated passion and enthusiasm to this partnership. We are thrilled to see this campaign launch after months of planning and hard work,” said Megan Daum, The Recycling Partnership Board of Directors Chairman and Vice President of Sustainability at the Can Manufacturer’s Institute. “As the campaign rolls out, we are eager to see how Cleveland residents respond and the ultimate impact this will bring to recycling participation and tonnage rates.”

“The Cleveland/Recycling Partnership collaboration is a true example of successful public-private partnership,” said McGowan. “The City has maximized its education budget because The Recycling Partnership brings national-level recycling and communications expertise to the area at no cost to the City.”

“The ‘One Simple Act’ campaign developed for Cleveland will also serve as a model for other communities that are looking to improve education efforts and increase participation and tonnage in local recycling programs,” said McGowan.

To learn more about the “One Simple Act” campaign and recycling in Cleveland, including a full list of what can and cannot be recycled, visit

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