City of Cleveland Update – Saturday, May 23, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Today’s announcement of the verdict in the trial of Cleveland Police Officer Michael Brelo marks a defining moment for the City of Cleveland. After the announcement, Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams held two press conferences to reiterate their expectation of peaceful protests throughout the city.

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“Today’s verdict is the first of several complex policing and community issues that will test Clevelanders in the days, weeks, and months ahead,” said Mayor Jackson. “We will show the nation that peaceful demonstrations and dialogue are the right direction as we move forward as One Cleveland.”

“It is our expectation that protests and demonstrations remain peaceful and that opinions across all lines are respected, said Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams. “While the first amendment rights of those wishing to lawfully express their thoughts and views will be supported by the Division of Police, any unlawful behavior, acts of violence or destruction of property, will not be tolerated.”

The city has convened a Critical Incident Review Committee to review all fourteen officer actions from the November 29, 2012 incident. That committee will present disciplinary recommendations. The Chief of Police or Director of Safety will hold hearing based on those recommendations.

The City of Cleveland Department of Community Relations has also released a list of faith healing centers for Cleveland residents to visit. You may find that list here.

View the full video from the May 23, 2015 1:00 PM press conference with Mayor Jackson and Chief Williams here.