City of Cleveland Files Consent Decree Progress Report

Today, Mayor Frank G. Jackson will address the media regrading the city’s six month progress report submitted to Judge Solomon Oliver in compliance with the terms of the Consent Decree.

Click here to view the submitted progress report

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Mayor Jackson and Chief Williams address media

The areas addressed in the report highlight what the City has accomplished since June 12, 2015 when Judge Oliver signed the Consent Decree. The report covers every aspect the City is required to address.

The report is filed in compliance with Section 387 of the consent decree:

“Within 180 days of the Effective Date, the City will file with the Court, with a copy to the Monitor and the [Department of Justice] DOJ, a status report.

This report will delineate the steps taken by CDP [Cleveland Division of Police] during the reporting period to comply with this Agreement; CDP’s Assessment of the Status of its progress; plans to correct any problems; and response to concerns raised in the Monitor’s previous semi-annual report. Following this initial status report the City will file a status report every six months thereafter while this agreement is in effect.”