Mayor Jackson and Police Chief Williams Provide Updates on this Week’s Activities and Outline What is Next

Today, Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Police Chief Calvin D. Williams discussed this week’s activities and outlined the next steps for the city.

View the press conference in its entirety

Here are some highlights from Mayor Jackson during the press conference:

  • People in Cleveland and all over nation have lost confidence and faith in the criminal justice system due to three factors:
  1. Lack of justice and fairness
  2. Lack of access to benefits of justice system
  3. They believe nobody cares about their plight
  • We have attempted to address many underlying problems in our society through community benefits, job creation, wealth sharing, and a revamp of our police policy and procedures.
  • We have made significant changes in our use of force policy, entered into a consent decree to restore confidence, and we continue to be transparent about our actions.
  • Our concern with the administrative review of the Tamir Rice use of deadly force incident is applying due process at its core. The public needs to know that everyone had a fair representation; this is due process. A lack of due-process is why people are angry at the justice system.
  • We will not go through the motions and check the boxes. We will take whatever time is necessary, while recognizing a sense of urgency.
  • The consent decree gives us a chance at real, sustainable reform. We hope community will work with us to achieve the type of reform we all desire.