Department of Public Safety to Release Administrative Disciplinary Results from Use of Force Incident

Today, Mayor Frank G. Jackson and officials from the Department of Public Safety will present the administrative disciplinary results from the November 29, 2012 use of force incident. This will include a reconstruction of the incidents at Heritage Middle School on Thursday, November 29, 2012.

Presentation was conducted in 2013 following completion of administrative pursuit review

A presentation conducted in 2013 following completion of the November 29, 2012 pursuit review

The reconstruction was created using a scale model commissioned by the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office for use in criminal proceedings related to this incident. Vehicles and human models used in this depiction were part of that commission.

The actions portrayed are based on on-scene analysis, automatic vehicle locator positioning, audio, bullet trajectory and forensic analysis, and on and off scene forensic reconstruction as done by BCI, the state’s Bureau Criminal Investigation, The Cleveland Division of Police and the Cuyahoga County Prosecutors Office.

Additionally, statements and diagrams submitted by the individual officers in interviews with both BCI and the Cleveland Division of Police as well as other investigative information and tools were used as appropriate.


Mayor Frank G. Jackson

Public Safety Director Michael McGrath

Police Chief Calvin D. Williams

Cleveland Police Commander James Chura