City Hall and City Services to Continue During Republican National Convention

City of Cleveland Republican National Convention Update

The City of Cleveland announced today that city services and business operations will not be interrupted, delayed, or cancelled during the Republican National Convention, July 18 to 21.

Cleveland City Hall

Cleveland City Hall

City Hall, including all offices and departments, will remain open and city services such as waste collection, recreation, and street repair will continue as usual.

While downtown Cleveland will see a high level of activity during the convention, all city neighborhoods will continue to receive a high-quality level of service. The City of Cleveland is excited for convention-goers, delegates, visitors, and the national and international media to get the full Cleveland experience that only exists when the City and all neighborhoods are operating at full capacity.

The city recommends that businesses in the area impacted by the Convention continue normal business operations and all residents are encouraged to enjoy the international attention and to showcase their Cleveland pride.