Mayor Frank G. Jackson Addressed the Republican National Convention

This afternoon Mayor Jackson formally addressed the Republican National Convention welcoming the event and it’s participants to the city of Cleveland.
The Mayor urged the thousands of convention goers gathered in Q arena to take in all the city had to offer both downtown and in Cleveland’s neighborhoods. He spoke to Cleveland’s hospitality and the city’s desire to make all who visit to feel welcomed.
Before concluding his welcome he took a moment to remark on his desire to see Cleveland be great. He stated, “A truly great city will be measured by the condition and well-being of its people, in particular the least of us. Not in terms of welfare or charity, but where all are able to participate in the prosperity and quality of life that we create as a community. In our striving for greatness, this is the challenge that we embrace and the struggle and fight that we accept. We will be successful because we will do it as a community.”
The Mayor followed the Chairman of the RNC Rance Priebus, and was the first voice not formally associated with the party to address the Convention.