City of Cleveland Daily Media Update & Summary – Tuesday, July 19 at 7:00 p.m.

This evening, the City of Cleveland provided the media with an overview of actions that transpired in the event zone as it relates to the Republican National Convention. Due to the active protest situation, Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Police Chief Calvin D. Williams were overseeing the situation and unable to attend.


Protest Safety and Security Updates:

  • There have been a total of 5 arrests as it relates to the Republican National Convention since Sunday, July 17.
  • A warning alarm on an RTA bus sounded. The bus was stopped and evacuated. A hazmat crew declared it to be a false alarm.
  • A fire alarm was pulled at the Hilton. The building was evacuated and the incident is being investigated.
  • The Bicycle Unit was deployed to large scale demonstrations to keep two opposing sides separated. Both protests dispersed and no civilians or officers were harmed.
  • The list of registered protest groups is available here.
  • The expectation for protesters is to exercise their rights peacefully and without harming others or property.
  • If not of a criminal nature, individuals with prohibited items are asked to leave and the items confiscated.
  • Officers have trained for many scenarios. Hundreds of agencies have responded to the call to assist Cleveland Police.

Health Concerns:

  • The Erie County Public Health Department is overseeing an issue regarding norovirus at Kalahari Resort.

The next media briefing will be July 20, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.