Cleveland Division of Fire Welcomes New Additions to Response Fleet

The Cleveland Division of Fire welcomed new additions to the Fire response fleet today; two new Pierce fire engines and one new Rosenbauer aerial platform. The new fire engines cost $367,428 each and the platform cost $893,134.

The new fire engines will replace older 2002 and 2004 model year vehicles. One engine will be assigned to Station 23 at 9826 Madison Avenue and the other to Station 30 located at 10225 St Clair Avenue. The aerial platform will be assigned to Station 10 at 1935 E 101st Street.

“The Division is excited to add these new engines and the aerial platform to our fleet,” said Chief Angelo Calvillo. “These additions enhance Cleveland Fire’s response fleet and will provide dependable and safe service for many years to come.”

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Photographer: Ruggero Fatica, City of Cleveland